Verse of the Day

 Jeremiah 20:14 (NAS)
Cursed be the day when I was born; Let the day not be blessed when my mother bore me!
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Meditation -- "True Light"

01/31/2016 -

In John 8:12 Jesus declares "I am the light of the world." And what more powerful picture could there could have been in those hours of darkness on Calvary. An engulfing darkness that covered the entire world as Jesus' flame of life was extinguished. Most theologians concur that it was a darkness possibly so encompassing that the world was void of any light. There was no sun, no moon and no stars. It was as if a bucket was slowly placed over the world.

Those hours were a frightening reality to be sure, but even more frightening is, if there was an absence of the spiritual light of which He actually speaks. In the same verse though Jesus adds "Whoever follows Me will not walk in darkness." A promise we'll NEVER walk in darkness and that His light will never be extinguished. It's there, for us every day and in every situation.

It is not only a light that illuminates not only our path as it burns brightly within us, but one that is neither a placid nor a weak force in our life. In many ways like the attributes of a lighthouse, allowing us:

  • To stand tall and immutable in the face of life's gale winds & waves of life
  • To navigate our way with a light that can pierce even the darkest hours & one which will never grow dim.
  • To know that it will be there each day and all the days of our lives and.
  • To navigate by a light which will always be our moral compass

Calvary may have been a dark place, but there was an unsuppressed light that poured forth from the Cross. It's that light we celebrate at communion.

In poem 'God's Flame' an analogy of even the brightest burning candle will burn down into a pool of wax as the flame dims and ultimately is extinguished, an so it is with our spiritual life. With life constantly tugging us in different directions how easy it is to allow them to come to the forefront of our lives and by our own doing have His light dim within us. It's only when we fight to maintain our priorities that place Him 1st and return us to Him in bended knee prayer. It's in those abiding moments we can truly experience His life giving light.
The last line of the poem is the Lord speaking and reads in part '… it is I, who can dispel the darkness and reignite your flame to giving My light to your path.'

Let us pray: Lord may we always allow that true light for our lives to dispel any darkness we encounter. In Your light we can flourish and fulfill that special purpose You have mapped out for each of us. We pray that by Your light alone we will be strengthened in any trial and emboldened to share Your message as we live out this life for You. Amen

 Jeremiah 20:14 (NAS)
Cursed be the day when I was born; Let the day not be blessed when my mother bore me!
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